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My collection of places I have ordered from. In the future I will take pictures of everything received and post.

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Buried Treasure review – Recommended. This place seemed ok. I ordered a Plumeria Pudica cutting and Adenium Harry Potter that was on sale through them. The prices were lower than other places I had looked at. When I received my order, the Plumeria was severely shriveled and it already had roots (bonus). The Adenium was a grafted plant with the graft tape still attached. I had no idea this was a newly grafted plant. Overall, I think this place is a good place to shop. The prices are good and the plants seem to be quality plants that have not been baby’d too much. Which I think is good.

If you would like to see pictures of what I ordered from Buried Treasures in 2008, click here. I ordered 1 Adenium o. The Peach, 1 Adenium Universal Star (large), 1 Plumeria Singapore Pink (double tipped) and 1 Alacasia Maechang. Ok, I ordered another Adenium from Buried Treasures. It is called Pentagon Purple.

Autumn Ridge Nursery review – Highly NOT recommended. This place, to get to the point, was a nightmare. (Highly not recommended) They offer bare root plants at great prices. I ordered a Ginkgo tree, Little leaf linden tree, a blue hydrangea and got a choice of one free tree from the limited “free” selection they have. I chose a sugar maple tree. When I received my order the trees were already budding. The trees came with identifying labels and I checked to make sure my order was complete. According to the labels, it was. I planted them and pretty soon I had some nice leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves from the trees did not look anything like a ginkgo or a little leaf linden. The maple tree looked like a maple tree, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right kind of maple tree. Since it was free, I wasn’t too worried about it. It was an experimental tree anyway. I had read online that Maple trees might not do to well in my zone. I went to the arborday website because they have a nice tree identification area. With this I discovered my “Ginkgo” tree was a Mimosa silk tree and my “Litttle leaf linden” was really a green ash. I contacted Autumn Ridge and after 3 months (the hottest time in Tucson) I received my replacement trees. To make a long story short, the replacement trees did not have a good root system, just one long tap type root. One of the roots smelled like rot. Both trees died. I attempted to contact Autumn Ridge again. They refused to answer my emails after a month. I decided to file a BBB claim. They still refused to refund my money. At this point I didn’t think they had the ability to send me the right order. I pretty much gave up. I posted my story on DavesGarden garden watchdog and then the BBB claim was reopened and they refunded part of my money. Autumn Ridge Nursery is Highly NOT recommended! If you want good prices, bare root plants and plants to be labeled correctly try Direct Gardening (below).

Direct Gardening review – Recommended, if you’re willing to take a risk. This site offers bare root plants at great prices. They also offer bulbs. I ordered 3 Poplar trees, 2 rose bushes (crimson and pink), 2 hydrangeas, a 50 bulb corner garden set, and I got 8 grape hyacinths, Stargazer Lily and some other bulbs for free using a coupon. When I received my order, some of the bulbs had rot, but the majority didn’t. The tree’s root system looked healthy. The rose bushes looked and smelled a bit like rot. The pink rose did not make it. The crimson rose bush already has two buds. The hydrangeas are doing very well too. The bulbs were tiny, but I planted them. About half of them were good to plant. Overall, I would order from them again. They have great prices if you are willing to take the risk. They have a guarantee on plants for a full year, but you must send them the original packing slip. I haven’t tried this yet on the items that didn’t make it.

Blue Stone Perennials review – Highly recommended. This site has a nice bulb selection. I was looking for Oriental Lilies. They had a few types of Oriental Lilies on clearance in Fall 2007. I had to order one of each. I also got some blue and yellow Crocus, 50 Grape Hyacinths, a few different colors of tulips, some bell looking bulbs, blue alluims and a giant allium. Here is a pic of what I got. I also got 3 lavender plants for free using a coupon. When I recieved my order, the bulbs were big and healthy. I was impressed with how healthy they looked. I did spend a lot on them, but, the price for the Oriental Lilies was too good to pass up. (At the local nursery I go to, they have some Oriental Lilies, but for each bulb it costs $6-$7.) Where on clearance, 2 bulbs cost less than $4. I would definitely order from them again.

Garden Store n More review – Highly recommended. This site has seeds. It is a place with small quantities of seeds for a great price. I ordered Passiflora quandrangularis “Giant Grenadilla”, Asclepias Syraca, Asclepias tuberosa, Daylily hybrid Hemerocallis spp. (whatever all that means), Luffa cylindrica “Sponge gourd Loofa”, Akebia quinata “chocolate vine”, Akebia trifoliata “Three leaf Akebia” and Strelitzia reginae “Bird of Paradise”. The total was $12.42 (I had a coupon for $2.00 off) they were running free shipping. Each packet came with 10 seeds. I just recently planted the seeds, but I already am getting little sprouts. Overall, I am pleased with this store. I would order from them again.

Rare Exotic Seeds review– (Highly recommended) I ordered quite a few seeds from here. Unfortunately the only seeds I was able to get to sprout were one of my drosera and almost all of the Adeniums. If you check out the Adenuim seedling category, you can see one of the seedlings in bloom, 7 months from when it was planted. Since this company is in Canada it took two weeks for me to get the seeds, so plan ahead if you want to order from there.

Maui Plumeria Gardens I ordered 5 Plumerias from here. A starter set and a Hilo Beauty. The Hilo Beauty didn’t make it, and one of the other starters didn’t make it, but the others are chugging along. They sent me a free “mystery” cutting. It’s doing very well. None of them have bloomed yet.

Ebay seller My Plumeria Sticks – On ebay on his homepage I got the set of 4 Plumeria sticks from here. When I received them one of them had rot. I contacted the seller immediately and he replaced it. All four rooted and are doing great. You can see what they looked like when I got them and how they look now in the Plumeria category. I think this person doesn’t do business with this store title anymore, but there is another vendor with a very similar page, prices and inventory.

Forest Farm Review- I ordered three trees from here. An olive tree “Manzanillo”, a Laurel Bay leaf tree and a Tilia Cordata tree. I bought the smallest (cheapest) trees they had. They have a large collection of trees. Their prices are reasonable for the quality. They have great quality. Great shipping practices and very healthy plants. When I first ordered from them I thought it was a little expensive (ok, so, I’m cheap), but when I got my package, I was amazed at how well the plants were packaged. Beware, when I ordered from them I did not receive a shipping confirmation. My credit card was charged a few days after placing the order and within 2-3 days I received my order. Forest Farm is located on the West coast, so, I received my order pretty quickly. After another week maybe, I received a postcard from Forest Farm saying that my items have been shipped. Use the credit card bill date as an estimated ship date. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place. If you want quality, buy your trees from Forest Farm!

Michigan Bulb Review – Coming soon.

Florida Colors Review This is Plumeria heaven! I ordered 4 Plumeria from here. I looked at this place last year, but I decided to go with Maui Plumeria Gardens last year. This year I checked out Florida Colors because their prices were a bit better than Maui Plumeria Gardens. I bought a Kauka Wilder, Kimo, Leona Hoke, and Polynesian Sunset cutting. With shipping from Florida to Arizona it was $84. All were cuttings except the Kimo. Somehow, they mixed my order, in my favor, and gave me grafting’s. The grafting’s had roots. There was a note included that they didn’t read the order right and to enjoy the grafting’s. Well, I was excited. The plants were well packaged. The Plumeria seem large and healthy. Due to a large selection of Plumeria, great shipping practices, low prices and healthy plants, I think I am going to get all my Plumeria from here.

Cook’s Carnivorous Plants Review I ordered a drosera rotundifolia seeds, filiformis tracyii, drosera aliciae, nitidula x pulchella, venus flytrap seeds and an egg mini terrarium with 10 drosera seeds. With shipping all of this came to $25.08. Here is what I got. I will buy from here again. Very reasonable prices.

If you are thinking about ordering seeds, sign up for some of these site’s email lists. Or you could google coupons for their site. I do both, and have gotten a few good deals.

Also, If you want reviews that a lot of other gardeners have left, check out Dave’s Garden Watchdog ( )


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  1. Clint Mers Says:

    I’d like to recommend Mountain Valley Growers. They specialize in organically grown herbs and they have many varieties — about a dozen varieties or more each of mint, rosemary, thyme, etc. I bought some mints, thymes, and sages from them and everything arrived in excellent condition and thrived in pots on my balcony in Austin. Shipping is cheapest if you’re close to California where they are located, but still reasonable elsewhere. (

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